Feast of Weeks

Feast of Weeks
(Judaism) Jewish holy day celebrated on the sixth of Sivan to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments
Syn: ↑Shavous, ↑Shabuoth, ↑Shavuoth, ↑Shavuot, ↑Pentecost
Derivationally related forms: ↑pentecostal (for: ↑Pentecost)
Topics: ↑Judaism
Hypernyms: ↑Jewish holy day

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Usage: usually capitalized F&W

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Feast of Weeks same as ↑Shabuoth
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Main Entry:feast
Feast of Weeks
A Jewish festival seven weeks after the Passover (also Shabuoth, Shavuot or Pentecost)
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Main Entry:week

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Feast of Weeks,
= Shabuoth. (Cf.Shabuoth)

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n. another name for Shavuoth

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ˌFeast of ˈWeeks 7 [Feast of Weeks] noun uncountable
= Shavuoth

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